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October Is Pastor Appreciation Month
September 28, 2021, 10:00 AM

   October is Pastor Appreciation Month. It is a time when churches can express to their pastors and other ministers (active and retired) that they love them and are grateful for them. Don’t let the month go by without you and your church doing something to honor your pastor and his family. Here are some ideas. Use your creativity to develop your own. Whatever you do, do not fail to recognize your pastor in some meaningful way this month.

31 Ideas For Pastor Appreciation Month (one for each day)

  1. Gather notes of appreciation from your church members. Give them to the pastor to read some each day this month.
  2. While giving your pastor a hug, stick a note on his back that proclaims him to be the best pastor ever. See how long it takes him to find it.
  3. Do something to improve the pastor’s working environment. New equipment or furniture or a nice framed picture.
  4. Send a beautiful floral arrangement to the pastor’s home for everyone in the family to enjoy.
  5. Give the pastor a generous gift card to his favorite restaurant. Provide a baby sitter if needed.
  6. Each Sunday morning this month, have someone give a word of appreciation to the pastor as part of the worship service.
  7. Make a humongous banner proclaiming your appreciation for him and hang it outside his office.
  8. Recognize his fruitful leadership with a basket or platter of fresh fruit.
  9. Get local businesses to recognize your pastor on their marquee signs or at their businesses.
  10. Take your pastor to breakfast – or bring breakfast by the office for him today.
  11. Give him a nice book to enjoy – or a gift card to his favorite book store.
  12. Give him some apparel from his favorite college or pro football team.
  13. Pray for your pastor. Have a moment in the worship service where members surround him during a time or prayer.
  14. All day long, have church members send a text message of appreciation to the pastor.
  15. Plant a tree in honor of your pastor. Place an appropriate plaque in the church building identifying
  16. Have people write brief words of appreciation on inflated balloons. Then stuff his office with them.
  17. Put together all the ingredients for an evening meal. Better yet, cook and deliver the meal all ready to go.
  18. Put an ad in the local paper or radio station or billboard expressing appreciation to your pastor.
  19. Host a church-wide dinner in his honor. Include his favorite foods. Invite special guests if you can.
  20. In the worship service, have the children or youth sing an appropriate song of appreciation for his service to the church.
  21. Find his musical preferences and give him some CDs of his favorite groups.
  22. Frame a nice photograph of your church with very wide matting. Have members write and sign a note on the matting.
  23. Give him a year’s subscription to a magazine. Each month during the year he will be reminded of the kind act.
  24. Find out what his favorite treat is and bake it for him. Then deliver it to his office.
  25. Drop by the pastor’s home and wash his car, or his dog, mow his lawn or paint a few rooms inside.
  26. Late on Saturday night, plant some yard signs in the pastor’s lawn with words of appreciation for him to see Sunday morning.
  27. Present the pastor with a significant gift – whatever is appropriate for your church.
  28. Make a colorful, fun-filled, encouraging poster with candy bars as key words. Leave it outside his office door.
  29. Give him a low-maintenance plant for his office with a cute card of encouragement attached.
  30. Give your pastor your airline miles – or give his family a free week in your vacation cabin or condo.
  31. Reverse Trick-or-Treat! Have children in costume go by the pastor’s home and give him a treat. Use your imagination to be creative.


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