Supply Pastors

Supply Preacher Names and Phone Numbers

Following are names we have been asked to put on the "Supply Preacher" list over the years. If you know any of these are not available to preach any longer, please let us know. We do not know some of the following. However, feel free to call the Association office for more information: 850-973-8607. Office Hours are Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am-4:00 pm. 
Darwin Bullock 229.349.1865
Freddy Davis 850.339.2679
Jimmy Deas- Retired pastor,  386-362-7742 (Live Oak, FL)
Bruce Ferris 850.893.7880
Dan Fisher 386.562.2234;
Steve Fox 850-464-4492 email:
Jason Glas 229.561.4283
Garry Goodin 850.906.9962 This gentleman is no longer available for supply. 
Mike Harris 386.294.2730
Jay Hartranft 843.808.0641
Ricky Lyons 386.294.2205
Steve McHargue 850.464.0325
Thermon Moore 850.893.1914
Rich Mortlock 386.330.4554
Paul Nawlin - 850-295-2976 former pastor Founder/Director of Character Education Now
John Page 229.794.4000
Elias Paulk 850.464.1325
Robert Powell 423-333-6654
Greg Ragans 850-510-1177
Harold Reams 850.838.7587 - serving now as Interim DOM, Taylor Association
Ted Sauls 229.559.4186
Sherwood Sawyer 386.208.4206
Dean Spivey 850.688.3377
Mickey Starliing 850.973.0331
Clay Stephenson 850.528.5451
Rick Stewart 850.524.3272
Hal Thomas 386.294.2535
Tony Workman 478.972.2840
Bill Yeager 850.971.5594