December 2019  
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Sunday School
Director: Dave During (Olive)

Merry Christmas to all the Churches of the Middle Florida Baptist Association!


   Thank you to everyone who completed and turned in the surveys from the Fall Associational Meeting. We hear the overwhelming desire for training and we are currently working very hard with Lifeway to bring a complete comprehensive workshop to the MFBA next year. Until then here are some things to consider to revamp your current Sunday School. 

  1. Have your Sunday School Directors visit every class to ensure proper preparation has been done.
  2. Make sure the class entices learning, and not just sitting and reading. We want questions and suggestions!
  3. Recognize achievements often and in front of everyone. Perfect Attendance, graduating to new classes, Bible verses remembered and recited.
  4. Institute a weekly Banner Class. Based off of attendance, Bibles brought, contacts made, BROUGHT SOMEONE WITH THEM!!

   Once again I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and may your Sunday Schools become lighthouses of learning and growing in Christ!

Respectfully Submitted, 

Rev. David During

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