2024 Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is an elected team that gives guidance to the Association, oversight to the teams and ministries of the Association and serves as a confidential sounding board for the Mission Strategist in matters of judgment and practice.

Mission Strategist

David Garrett

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David and his wife, Donnie, are members of Journey Church in Mayo. 


Allen Hawkins

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Allen is the pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Mayo and serves as Vice President of Pickett Lake Camp Board of Directors. 

Vice Moderator

Steve Kegley

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Steve serves as pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church in Madison. 

Clerk & Treasurer

Lauren Churchwell

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Lauren also serves as our Administrative Assistant at our Association office and Secretary on the Pickett Lake Camp Board of Directors. She and her family are members of Fellowship Baptist Church. 

Assistant Treasurer

Denise Dyal

Denise is a member of New Home Baptist Church in Madison where she also serves as Treasurer. 

Administration Representative

Debbie Kurnick

Debbie is a member of Macedonia Baptist Church in Lee. 

At Large Jefferson Co. Representative

Glenn Canup

Glenn is the pastor at Elizabeth Baptist Church in Monticello. 

At Large Lafayette Co. Representative

Michael Hornback

Michael is the pastor of Brewer Lake Baptist Church in Day. 

Equip Team Leader

Steve Witt

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Steve is the pastor of Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Madison. 

Encourage Team Leader

Alan Harmon

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Alan is the pastor of Journey Church in Mayo. 

Engage Team Leader

Iris Wesson

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Iris is a member of Hopewell Baptist Church in Madison. 

Expand Team Leader

Trent Abbott

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Trent is the pastor at Macedonia Baptist Church in Lee.